Our story


The story of BFive began with a passionate gamer, Alaa’, who aspired to develop an app to educate children about diabetes. While she was looking for game developers at Upwork, she faced challenges communicating specifics regarding the local cultural content. Hence, in 2017, the idea of a localized freelance platform in Qatar was born.

In 2018, BFive came into life with the collaboration of Alaa’s friend, Hanan, who wanted to provide an opportunity for individuals to practice their passion into productivity.


What we do


BFive is the first localized creative marketplace to bring a new meaning to freelancing. We are inspired by the modern way of working; which fosters innovation, creativity and convenience.
BFive is an online hub linking diverse group of skilled freelancers with individuals, startups, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large business entities.
Our skilled experts provide excellent and cost-effective solutions in the fields of design, development, education and many more at your fingertips.

We believe that at BFive you will:

1. Enjoy the swift sign-up process
2. Explore diverse skills
3. Hire local talent
4. Get your money’s worth
5. Enjoy tailored, quality service